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Dr. Howard Kotkin has practiced in Chatham since 1996 and is conveniently located near the Short Hills Mall. This has allowed us to treat happy Essex, Morris, and Union County families every day. Learn about our start, why we love kids, and the adventures we’ve had along the way.


Services Offered

95% of our children graduate our office at age 18 without ever having a single cavity due to our:

  • Outstanding preventative pediatric dentistry
  • Small, boutique-style practice focused on individual patient attention
  • 24/7 emergency care

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We Provide a Cost-Conscious Dentistry Program

Save More,
Smile More:

The School-Time Dental Program

Unlimited Pediatric Dentistry

The office of Doc Howie understands the challenges of pulling a child from school to see the dentist. That’s why we’re rewarding you for being great parents! For $499 a year, kids in the School-Time Program get unlimited dental care throughout the year. No insurance needed.

The Fine Print

Appointment times for the school-time program range from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM.  No holidays. Limited to 15 patients each month.

Dental Services Provided

Patients will receive thorough, unlimited dental care, including dental examinations, dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, dental sealants, oral hygiene instruction, restorative dentistry such as fillings, and 24/7 emergency care. 

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We Provide High-Quality Dentistry With Care

Fun and Gentle Pediatric Dentistry for Chatham, NJ Area

What NJ Kids Expect from a Dr. Howie Dentist Visit

Good Oral Hygiene

After more than 20 years of providing kid dentistry in Chatham, New Jersey, we’re proud to say that we know how to keep kids smiling and their teeth healthy. By promoting good oral hygiene at an early age, 95% of our children do not experience cavities or fillings before the age of 18.

More Laughs at the Dentist

When a dentist loves dinosaurs as much as kids do, you know that there’s going to be fun! The office of Doc Howie isn’t just for keeping your teeth clean and healthy, it’s a new adventure every visit.

Fright Free Dental Visits and Hospital Dentistry

The dentist can be scary for any age, which is why Doc Howie makes it his mission that every kid is comfortable during their dental appointments. We use a gentle touch every time, keeping discomfort to a minimum and teeth their happiest. For those who are still anxious or have special needs, Doc Howie practices hospital dentistry upon request. The patient will be placed under general anesthesia and monitored by an anesthesiologist.



  • My son is a special needs child; he is the joy of my life but can be a handful when it comes to dental care. Dr. Howie and his staff are truly gifted in caring for special needs children. We have been to lots of dentists and I can honestly say that Dr. Howie gives the best care hands down!

  • My four children have been seeing Dr. Howie ever since they got their first teeth. I am pleased to say that they have always received good check-ups and each one is still cavity free! My youngest is getting ready to go to college. Thank you, Dr. Howie, for instilling excellent oral hygiene practices for each of my children. The good dental habits they learned as children are still being used today!

  • I brought my daughter in to see Dr. Howie for her first dental visit. She is 3 years old and was visibly nervous. Dr. Howie and his charismatic personality really set my daughter at ease. She now looks forward to coming back to see him! Thank you Dr. Howie for making our first dental visit for my daughter fun and easy!


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Convenience Package
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Value Package
Emergency Care
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Emergency Care



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