Pediatric Dentist Near Livingston

Trusted Dentist for Children in Livingston

Livingston, New Jersey is one of Essex County’s busiest townships – so much so that it’s commonly referred to as the “hub of economic activity” in the region. Although the pristine streets are tree-lined and filled with families, the town is still a hot spot for people to pursue their commercial and retail needs. In addition to providing its patrons with inclusive shopping and dining options, Livingston also has a plethora of useful services for its residents, both in and nearby the township. Among these is Dr. Howard Kotkin’s Pediatric Dentistry practice, located just minutes away in Chatham.

Family-Friendly Dental for the Children of Livingston

Instead of settling for just any dentist, Livingston parents are fortunate enough to have the option of taking their children to one of the most compassionate, kind and family-friendly dentists in the area, as Dr. Howard Kotkin’s Pediatric Dentistry practice is just a short trip away from Livingston. The practice proudly serves the patrons of Essex County and Livingston specifically. With a family-friendly environment, a close-knit staff and a welcoming atmosphere, Livingston parents will be highly pleased with our office, which is close to the Short Hills Mall in Chatham.

Unmatched Pediatric Dental Services for Livingston Patients

While performing the dental services provided by Dr. Howard Kotkin and his compassionate staff, each professional a Livingston patient sees will make them feel safe and comfortable at every dental visit. Each Livingston patient who attends Dr. Howard Kotkin’s practice can expect to receive routine dental examinations, thorough dental cleanings, fluoride treatments, preventative and informative X-rays, dental sealants, lessons in oral hygiene and restorative dentistry. While these outstanding dental services are available to the children of Livingston during the office’s normal business hours, they will also have access to 24/7 emergency dental care.

Budget-Friendly Pediatric Dentistry Near Livingston

At Dr. Howard Kotkin’s practice, we always try to be as accommodating as possible – which is why we offer the School-Time Program dental package. The affordable program allows Livingston children to be seen at Dr. Howard Kotkin’s office without insurance, so long as their appointments are during the week, between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM. Those who reside in Livingston can take advantage of this low-cost dental program, which is just $499 per year. Livingston patients who choose to participate in the School-Time Program will be able to utilize all of the dental services available, as well as the 24/7 emergency dental care. Only 15 patients are allowed to register, so signing up as soon as possible is strongly advised.

Schedule an Appointment at Dr. Howard Kotkin’s Pediatric Dentistry Practice Today

If your child is in need of a pediatric dentist, and you are residing in Livingston township, contact Dr. Howard Kotkin’s Pediatric Dentistry Practice by calling our office at 973-446-6593. We’re conveniently located at 33 Main Street in Chatham – we promise that the short car ride over will be well worth the visit for all of our Livingston patients.